Sex Dolls Aren’t Just For Girls Anymore

There comes a time in every man’s life when banging an outmoded pillow with plastic features simply isn’t cutting it anymore. Luckily, there are now high-tech alternatives to those outdated sex dolls made out of garbage bags, bike tires and old Pringles cans.

RealDolls are highly realistic silicone models designed to serve multiple functions, including sexual gratification. Their owners often give these dolls names, personalities and backstories that mimic real women and even marry them! Some men who spend enough time with their dolls develop strong feelings for them – treating them like real women on dates with candles lit for only them alone as brides-to-be – going as far as to share photos showing them getting hitched to these virtual brides!

These sex dolls can be customized and designed to meet almost any fantasy or fetish, with lifelike synthetic skin with an irresistibly tactile surface resembling human flesh. You can easily program personality traits that match up with their owner’s kinks — such as jealousy or shyness — so if that’s something that interests you – simply program it! Additionally, certain models feature an optional programmable sex organ that mimics vaginal penetration sensation.

The sex doll industry has experienced steady growth. Despite any stigma attached, these toys provide a safe and private way of fulfilling many fantasies without worrying about other people’s reactions. These toys have proven especially popular with couples living apart and those suffering from disabilities or health conditions which cause social isolation; historically sex dolls were used as companions by those without family nearby.

Recent research suggests that sex dolls can help alleviate loneliness, improve mental and physical health, provide relief for chronic pain sufferers and depression sufferers and act as an invaluable coping mechanism against addiction. Sex dolls also can be used non-sexual activities like cuddling, kissing and talking as well as sexual gratification.

Understand that sex dolls aren’t toys – children shouldn’t play with them and only adults mature enough should handle playing with one. Because of this, it is recommended to buy from trusted vendors with great customer service so you can find your ideal doll.

Before purchasing a sex doll, it’s essential to understand your individual needs. For instance, when searching for life-sized dolls, consider those made from high quality materials for durability and more realistic looking features. It is also wise to factor in weight as taller dolls will generally weigh more.

While new technologies and the promise of making anything into a computer or robot have generated much excitement, sex dolls remain relatively marginalised phenomena. This may be partly because owning one carries with it some level of embarrassment; nonetheless, these dolls should not be treated any differently from any other sexual gratification implement or toy that exists today.