Rating of tourist destinations with available prostitutes

Traveling alone is not always a bad thing, because this way you can enjoy services that in the company of acquaintances to order ashamed or indecent. For example, many sex tourists prefer to go on vacation unaccompanied, because their main goal is not traditional leisure, but adult entertainment with available girls and guys. For example, there are several popular countries where you can go for sex services even alone, because here the puttanas are attractive, available and reliable.

Ten popular countries with quality sex services


There are many interesting countries in the world, where you can relax both body and soul, but the following ten left a special mark in the hearts of sex tourists:

  1. Thailand. This is a unique country, which begins the way to the pleasures of every self-respecting sex traveler. Here there are hundreds of brothels and thousands of individual women, and the variety of available entertainment is able to surprise and experienced lover.
  1. Cuba. On the island of Liberty, prostitutes came out of the underground recently, but the local intimate industry has a long history. Even American colonists a couple hundred years ago came here for affordable sex services.
  1. Argentina. Illegal prostitutes serve foreigners freely, and hundreds of websites and dating apps make hooking up many times safer and faster. For example, in the capital, Buenos Aires, you can rent a young and inexpensive hottie on the website AR.Pander Buenos Aires.

  1. Jamaica. The classic intimate industry with street prostitutes in Jamaica is not very common, but there are world-famous hotels of the Hedonism chain, where you can forget about shame and embarrassment. Here you are allowed to walk naked, meet attractive beauties and make love in any corner you like.
  1. Holland. The Netherlands is a hot spot that every sex tourist must visit. With this country began the worldwide legalization of prostitutes, and the local Red Light District has become synonymous with affordable and high-class intimate services.
  1. Mexico. Here, colorful carnivals are overflowing with attractive and sultry Latinas who are happy to meet foreigners for close socializing. And the prices for sex services are so affordable that even from across the ocean come to the country. For example, the vast selection of prostitutes in Cancun here has made the city a Mecca for sex tourists.
  1. Japan. The Asian intimate industry is considered a highlight for Europeans because petite and elegant Japanese women rarely work abroad. And although it is almost impossible to shoot a real geisha, ordinary putanas are also able to try on this image for the customer’s pleasure.
  1. India. Indian individualalki is another option for lovers of inexpensive exotics. And although female tourism is more relevant here, as young Indians are ready to entertain foreigners even for free, men in India will not be bored either.
  1. Czech Republic. Czech ero-segment covers classic brothels, independent putanas, modern sex shops, adult cinemas and museums of intimate devices. And hostels with an expanded list of services and free individuals are known to sex tourists far beyond the country’s borders. 
  1. Kenya. Kenyan prostitutes are famous for their hot temperament and great desire to please the customer, because in the country it is considered prestigious to have an affair with a white tourist. In addition, the standard of living in the country is not very high, because of which the cost of prostitution starts at a few dollars per hour. And on the outskirts and in small towns for ten bucks you can agree with a hooker and for the whole night.