How to become a Perth Stripper

Are you considering a career as a Perth Stripper? Jump into our comprehensive guide on how to start shaking your money maker professionally right here in the West but be warned. It takes more than just confidence and a killer body to become a stripper in Perth. A combination of charisma, aptitude, and commitment are required before those outrageously large tips start flowing your way.


Positive Attributes That Can Aid in Your Success

  • An Extrovert Industry
    The bright lights of Perth’s strip clubs and the local private party scene definitely cater to the gregarious and extroverted among us. Attracting audiences and making the most of tips requires being personable, friendly and outgoing. Now while this isn’t something thats easy to cultivate, it should come as no surprise that if you are already the life of the party and are prone to showing off a bit of a wild side when you’re out at night, that this will translate well into a successful career as a Perth stripper. 
  • Keeping Fit and Flexible
    Keeping a toned, athletic body guarantees that you can perform attractive dance routines with ease and improves your stage presence. Not all strippers need to be super physically athletic, there is a niche market in Perth for the infamous ‘fatogram stripper’ but for the most part, Perth’s most successful strippers all have rocking bodies and are super fit. Strippers are not just good at dancing, in many ways they are true athletes. The ability to work your magic on a pole or pull off an erotic dance routine takes loads of practice and the development of some serious muscles. Not to mention, being fit is paramount to looking sexy AF. Flexibility is another key quality that’s often overlooked. Being able to lift a leg into places that it shouldn’t normally go, pulling off a splits and contorting your body in sensual rhythmic shapes will undoubtedly lead to greater levels of success in the Perth stripper scene. Bobbi’s Pole Studio in Perth is a great place to start practicing some routines on the pole because believe me when you say, your going to need to work at this skill constantly before and during your stripping career. They offer a wide range of classes from beginners all the way through to advanced tricks and flexibility classes on offer to both professionals, stripper hopefulls and those simply interested in learning as a hobby or exercise workout (because boy is it!).
  •  Be a Good Listener
    Being a good listener is definately a great advantag as it will enable you to establish a stronger rapport with your audience and customise your performance to suit their needs and desires. 

Selecting A Stripper Name

This is the fun part. You get to create your very own alter ego, character and build your dream brand. Many hopefuls looking to get into the scene of Perth stripping often wonder and ask whether a new stripper name is essential to operating in the industry. While it’s not absolutely critical, it is highly recommended. Having an alter ego and different name offers Perth strippers some anonyminity which offers a greater level of protection in future careers or from friends and family that might not be as accepting of your new line of work. It also provides a greater level of personal privacy and security in an industry that is not without its occupational risks and dangers.Your stripper name should represent your individuality and arouse intrigue and mystery. You should take your time and choose a name that speaks to you, conveys your brand and character,  and has the desired effect on your audience and target market or niche.

Obtain Some Hot, Expert Photographs

Good images are your initial impression to potential customers in the digital age. Above all else, your images which will be displayed online are the number 1 most critical thing that will make or break whether you get a booking or not.  Invest in high-quality pictures to project your confidence, beauty and other positive attributes relevant to your brand and image. These photos will be effective marketing tools that draw audiences to your performances. Make sure to get a variety of different shots in a variety of different poses, locations, outfits etc to capture a wider portion of your client market.

Acquiring Dancing Skills

While some people are just born with rhythm, it’s not hopeless putting in the practice. Being proficient in a variety of dancing forms is essential for success in the stripping industry. Your performances will gain depth and intensity from speciality dances like fire dancing, pole dancing, and lap dancing. Take classes or get advice from seasoned dancers to hone your abilities and enthral your audience. Check out She Moves Dance Fitness Studio in Perth which hosts a fire dancing course for beginners to begin learning the ropes of twirling and dancing with fire!

Learning Banter Like a Pro

Establishing a rapport with customers requires more than just dancing; it also requires clever banter and discussion. Improve your conversational abilities to give your audience engaging experiences that will make them want to come back for more. Clients love a little bit of teasing and taking the piss but its also important to know where the line is as to not affend anyone. This takes a bit of practice and intuition so gaining some experience will help here. Practice while you’re out at night either in town or at a party. 

Clothing and Cosmetics

Take the time and make the effort to perfect your hair, makeup, and attire. Every element enhances your attractiveness and stage presence, from glitzy haircuts and lush lashes to sensual attire and accessories like platform heels or stripper boots. Dressing up and utilising costumes is also a big part of stripping. Get some classic costume outfits ie. the sexy nurse, flight attendant, fireman, police lady and dont be shy to pick a few more unusual ones if they line up with your alter ego or branding. 

Adopt Healthy Lifestyle and Hygiene Practices

Upholding the highest standards of hygiene is essential in the stripping industry. Regular pedicures, in-between-show showers, and opulent fragrances boost your professionalism and attractiveness. As you work in the Perth stripper industry you will be bombarded with an endless supply of alcohol and even illegal drugs from hopeful clients and while working in licensed venues. Be wary not to indulge too much if at all. A few drinks is one thing to help loosen you up but be aware that if you are working often that consuming constantly will begin to add up and those next day hangovers will start to suck. Its way better getting into a place early on where you aren’t reliant on substances to be able to perform at your job. Not to mention, there is also a serious risk involved in accepting illegal drugs or even a drink from strangers and clients. Always be safe.

Applying for Jobs at Various Strip Clubs

Discover the variety of options Perth’s strip clubs have to offer. Find the place that most suits your tastes and style by researching its ambience, customers, and policies. Perth has medium sized variety of different venues which offer strippers and adult entertainment from the big venues in northbridge such as the Voodoo Lounge and Penthouse to smaller pubs across Perth which host skimpy nights such as the Charles Hotel. Ask around to see what roles are available in the industry.

How to Begin Working as a Private Perth Stripper Freelancer

In addition to working at the many venues across Perth, its also a great idea to utilise one or many of the different freelancer agencies which provide Perth strippers as private bookings for clients. This is a complimentary option for people looking for more freedom and flexibility by working as a freelance private stripper. You will gain access to the network of clients each agency has to offer while they will help market you amongst the industry. Check out Charlies Angels as a great local Perth agency.

Remember to always act professional at all times as a stripper. Perth is a small town disguised as a capital city and it hosts an even smaller adult entertainment industry. Your reputation amongst clients and more importantly, amongst venues and agencies travels quickly and maintaining a positive one is critical for success in the industry.

Journeying for Performances

It’s common for strippers to travel right across and even outside of Perth’s metro area for performances and private bookings. If you are required to make a big trip, make sure you have dependable lodging and transportation so you can perform at each location with enthusiasm and preparedness. Using a personal driver is often a great option as it allows strippers the freedom to drink and have a good time if they feel like it, in addition to the added level of safety having someone else at the job with you who knows where you are even if they simply wait in the car for you. Always be sure to ask your employer if travel and accommodation is included or if you are expected to cover these costs. 

How Much Earnings Should I Expect?

In the realm of stripping, earnings are based on a variety of factors, including clientele, performance calibre, and venue. Performers can make $300–$700 per booking on average, and they can make up to $3000 in a single weekend, especially during the busiest holiday seasons.