Game Lady Sex Doll Turns the Adult Industry Around

It’s nice to see sex dolls that resemble the characters from video games, like the one based on Tifa from Final Fantasy 7. There are a lot of companies that cosplay their dolls, but the dolls themselves don’t look like the characters they portray. Game Lady Doll has done a very good job with the head designs so far, despite the fact that they are not flawless. The fact that they only have one body means that it does not necessarily match the character’s “assets” in the game (especially for Tifa), but I do not doubt that they will be releasing more heads and bodies in the near future.

To reiterate, Game Lady Sex Doll is still in its infancy, it is prone to face a few challenges here and there. However, this doesn’t mean the quality of their products is compromised in any way. Their fans are very proud of how fast they are growing and the quality of their work. The amount of information that can be found online is currently very limited and you should there seek to get it from the right platforms. This means, you will not be misinformed or fall victim to false vendors trying to persuade you to purchase dolls of low quality.

My anticipation is high to see what new characters they come up with next. Most silicone heads do not have any oral function because the heads are made to be rigid so that the details and structure of the face can be preserved. On the other hand, certain brands offer a head made of soft silicone that can be taken orally.

I am led to believe that Game Lady Sex Doll also possesses this option. I suggest asking a vendor. The soft silicone head has a little less detail, but it is possible to use the mouth. Because some silicone heads with oral, like Sino Dolls, have a small mouth that rips the corners of the mouth if you stretch it, and should therefore be handled with a lot of care.