Classified New Orleans escorts

New Orleans is a beautiful city to be and many people are slowly warming up to it. it is no longer about being permanent residents but also making it a tourist destination every time you need to get away. This has highly improved different businesses in the area and one of the businesses that has been touched is the escort industry. There are so many escorts in New Orleans today compared to how things were before. This is because, the tourists flocking the city have put these girls on high demand.

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New Orleans escorts are flowing with the fame that New Orleans is getting by day. at the same time, they are also contributing a lot to the growth of the economy. However, have you ever known there are different categories of escorts? Below are two main categories

1.    Independent Escorts

Just as the name suggests, independent escorts operate under their own guidance. There are some who are registered under a certain agency for security purposes and also to help them have a good flow of clients. For such a New Orleans escort, all what she needs to do is pay a certain fee to the agency annually or quarterly depending on the agreement. However, the agency has no rights of negotiating on behalf of the escort girl and doesn’t receive any payment on behalf of the client. An agent fee is regardless of how much the escort makes.

2.    Escorts Working Under Agencies

When you are new in the escort industry, it is advisable to operate through an agency. The agency will act like an academy for you to take the necessary training. Once you have confidence in yourself and have garnered enough clients, you can decide to be an independent girl. New Orleans escorts working under agencies enjoy some privileges that independent escorts don’t and vice versa.


Hiring a New Orleans escort is sweet and it is also affordable. Whether you choose to go for those working under agencies or independent ones, you can be guaranteed of quality services. Nothing matters most to them than making you happy.