Are Repeat Clients Better than New?

If you are new in the escort world, you might never understand the difference between new and repeat clients. However, these are terms used by Memphis escorts to define their clients. Just as the name suggests, repeat clients are those that keep coming back for more dates after the first one. The new clients are those hiring the Memphis escorts for the first time. Their advantages are:

1.    Better Pay

Memphis escorts prever having new clients compared to repeat clients because the new clients pay better. Just like in any other businesses out there, once someone becomes a  regular customer, they always demand for a discount. The same thing happens with repeat clients who hire most of Memphis escorts. For this reason, these girls avoid having repeat clients as much as possible.

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2.    Risk building a more stronger bond

The moment you share a date or two with someone, the chances of building a much stronger bonder than expected are very high. This is what happens with repeat clients and this is why Memphis escorts avoid them like a plague.


As much as dating a repeat client meant more fun and safety for the escorts, they might turn out to be a total disaster.

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