An Ideal Love

There is a desire in every human beings both men and women of being truly loved. We are tired of conditional love that dies fast after the conditions set are not met as expected. Ideal love that is selfless is not easy to get if at all you’ll be lucky enough to find it. As many people, it hurts to love someone and give your all to your spouse then end up getting hurt. This is the reason why many men now prefer dating an adult doll instead of having a human girlfriend.

Loving real dolls seems much better for many people since they are very cooperative and will never go against their wish. The real dolls do exactly what its boss wants and nothing contrary to his desire. Dating a sex robot feels like the best meaning of true or ideal love since you get nothing less than what you expect.

What is Ideal Love?

The simplest definition of ideal love is having a spouse who loves you with every single part of them. They also accept you with all your weaknesses and they will never do anything to make you feel lost and disrespected. Many times, this has become a dream that is far much beyond our reach. Real love results to a happy and empowered girl or man that is strong enough to handle any challenge in life. However, things get out of hand, when the person they trusted with all their being turns against them.

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The users of love doll have confessed to have gotten strongly bound to the dolls out of fear of being hurt. They are so scared to love and expect to be loved back just to end up losing all their efforts into an empty ditch. However, when they have a love doll their expectations are low and they are able to achieve them in an instance.


Dating a sex doll might seem crazy and inhuman but the fans who have given it a chance tend to trust them. They have reported to have experienced the meaning of unconditional love.