All About Sex Style “69” with Goa Escorts

When both the man and the woman have oral sex with each other at the same time, this is referred to as a “69.” When two persons sit with their heads on each other’s crotches, they appear to be holding hands and forming a figure-eight. This is known as a “69.” This can be very challenging if you or your partner doesn’t fully understand how to go about it. This is the reason why some men prefer hiring the services of Goa escorts to get some tips from them.

Call girls in Goa enjoy this position because; it benefits both men and women since it allows them to stimulate each other. Its popularity has also been aided by the fact that it is frequently included in pornographic films. There are several postures you may take to make the most of your 69. When they are having oral sex, a lady will usually sit on top of a man’s face. This goal can be attained in a variety of ways.

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Main Challenge of Style “69”

For obvious reasons, this one may make it difficult for the person to breathe. For a relationship to work, the guy must be able to tell the lady when he needs to take a breather. If both partners lie on their backs, they can get more out of a 69. This may make things easy for the player of the 69. As a result, they can move closer to the other person’s genitalia while still breathing normally.Vilamoura escorts

Depending on your preferences, you can do a 69 with or without a condom. Before scheduling a time, the escort and the customer must discuss this exact concern. It’s simple to see why a 69 has become one of the most popular escorting services. Why don’t you consider all of your possibilities and discover which one can provide you with this mind-boggling experience?


Life should be fun and whatever you find to make your life fun should be celebrated without giving it a second thought. If “69” is your thing, it’s time to give it a chance!