A Guide To Cuckolding

When a man has a cuckolding fetish, he enjoys seeing his girlfriend or wife having sex with someone else. Do you believe this is the worst that could happen? Some folks believe otherwise. According to Google Trends, only the Netherlands is more interested in cuckoldry than the rest of the world. According to the Independent, there were more Google searches for the term “cuckolding” in November than ever before. This cuckold guide UK has all you need to know about cuckold.

Causes of Cuckold

What causes cuckolding? Some psychologists believe that envy has something to do with how our bodies function. This is similar to the notion that some people develop sexual obsessions for no apparent cause. He claims that the kink has been discussed since the 1300s. According to Dr. David Ley’s book Insatiable Wives, seeing your wife with someone else may make you feel sexually aroused and “beat” their sperm for fertility. We hear about it more and more, and more people are speaking out against unfavorable misconceptions about it. Some argue that biological theories for fetish cannot explain complex social contexts. Some people may like the forbidden aspect of fetish, which stems from society’s view of adultery as a sin.

Cuckold guide UK has a special report about cuckolding and everything about it. He discovered that 58% of men and 33% of women have considered being a cuckold at some point in their lives. In 2018, Lehmiller told CNN Health that men are more inclined to fantasize about being duped. More research is needed to determine how women perceive being cuckolded. According to Dr. David Ley, the story is popular because it discusses a taboo subject. “The cuckold dream is a popular fiction in a culture that emphasizes monogamy,” he said. When it comes to making up sexual fantasies, “people use the cuckold idea as a jumping off point.”


Finding a spouse who enjoys having sex with other people seems like winning the lotto to me. My partner will then be aware that I have had sex with someone else. In. Some of my cuckolding fantasies have come true, but life is far more complicated than that.